New Age Advertising offers advertising time and space in 18 Cinema City and 3 MiMozink cinemas in Hungary, including Simple IMAX theatre and 4DX hall in Budapest and Győr.


“On-screen” campaigns

  • Screening a spot in all the Cinema City and Mi Mozink cinemas and the Simple IMAX theatre before all movies
  • Screening a spot in selected the Cinema City and Mi Mozink cinemas and the Simple IMAX theatre before selected movies
  • Screening spots in 3D
  • Screening spots in 4DX


“Off-screen” activities

  • Hostess promotion, wobbler, menu promotion, flyer campaigns, samplings, stands, mirror – or floorstickers
  • Screening of spots on LCD in the lobby
  • Cross-promotions
  • Cinema rooms sponsorship
  • Organizing events


Forum Film Movies Sponsorship

Movies Sponsorship Project gives possibility to reach specific movie-goers groups throughout the whole movie's promotional campaign. Partner's logo will be visible on movie's promotional materials and PR campaign (inlc. pre-premiere screenings).


Cinema Cafes and cinema bars in the Cinema City network offer a wide range of products.

Simple IMAX

The IMAX co, being one of the leaders in the global entertainment market, specializes in the most preoccupying film screening technologies.


4DX™ is a revolutionary cinematic technology which engages all the five senses and pulls the viewer right into the center of a dizzying film plot.

VIP rooms

The VIP rooms have a very elegant atmosphere. It ensures luxorious environment not only for the visitors but also for the advertisments.

Special projects

Summer Promo

Summer promo is a recurrent annual project which takes place in the summer (in July and August), lasting between 8-10 weeks. Its aim is to reach hundreds of thousands of active people via an active promotion in the media.

Special Actions

We organize a variety of special promotions which increase the brand’s/product’s recognition and recall. The cinema space can be used to create a unique atmosphere which will focus the viewer's attention both on the screen and on its environment.