Why cinema?

A cinema means an unlimited space for making creative projects come to life. Viewers experience a wealth of positive emotions there. And we enrich it with an advertising message. We offer both on‑screen advertising in customized blocks and off-screen activities which range from traditional flyer actions and posters to the latest technology in screening.

The 4DX halls engage all the senses of the viewers; this is a way to present e.g. the smell of a new perfume. The top picture and sound qualities as well as comfortable armchairs in the cinema rooms enable the audience a good focus on the screen. Viewers remember cinema advertising five times better than TV advertising.

New Age Media treats its each project individually. Starting from a brief, we go on to develop a range of ideas and then we choose plot scenarios. After closing the operation we run the so-called extra-campaign service which includes photographic documentation, turnout reports etc.

The profile of our audience:

4 A young city dweller
5 An opinion leader
6 A trend follower
1 Watches less TV than an average Romanian
2 Appreciates the value of a brand
3 Has got a high opinion of own financial situation