New Age Advertising offers advertising time and space in 13 Cinema City cinemas in Czech Republic, including two 4DX halls andone IMAX theatre, enabling communication via 115 screens in 7 cities.


“On-screen” campaigns

  • Screening a spot in all Cinema City cinemas before all movies
  • Screening a spot in selected Cinema City cinemas before selected movies
  • Screening spots in 3D
  • Screening spots in 4DX


“Off-screen” activities

  • Flyer campaigns, samplings, stands, stickers (eg. on mirrors), car exhibition
  • Screening of spots/animations on digital poster boxes in cinema foyer
  • Interactive activities with the use of mobile marketing devices (such as wi-fi or special mobile applications)
  • Interactive activities: interactive floors…
  • Cross-promotions
  • Cinema rooms sponsorship
  • Scent marketing
  • Communication in the auditoriums: for example Human joystick



The IMAX co, being one of the leaders in the global entertainment market, specializes in the most preoccupying film screening technologies.


4DX™ is a revolutionary cinematic technology which engages all the five senses and pulls the viewer right into the center of a dizzying film plot.

Forum Film Movies Sponsorship

Movies Sponsorship Project gives possibility to reach specific movie-goers groups throughout the whole movie's promotional campaign.

Sponsoring cinemas

Our customers can make use of the digital posters in the cinema auditoriums to place their posters or animations.


Cinema Cafes and cinema bars in the Cinema City network offer a wide range of products.

Special projects

Ladies Nights

Ladies’ Nights are inspiring cinema nights only for female patrons, organized once a month (5-6 times per year). They always include screening of a quality women’s film. Each woman viewer receives a gift. During the event interesting contests with attractive prizes take place, as well as lots of extra activities such as fashion, hair or make-up shows, dance classes, sessions with make-up experts, psychologists, nutritionists, etc. The Ladies’ Nights project is being implemented in selected Cinema City cinemas in Prague, Plzeň, Ostrava and Brno.

Summer Promo

Summer promo is a recurrent annual project which takes place in the summer (in July and August), lasting between 8-10 weeks. Its aim is to reach millions of active people via an active promotion in the media.

Special Actions

We organize a variety of special promotions which increase the brand’s/product’s recognition and recall. The cinema space can be used to create a unique atmosphere which will focus the viewer's attention both on the screen and on its environment.