New Age Media News #2/2022

New Age Media News #2/2022

Cinema, the highest attention medium

Cinema is the attention leader, according to a new study conducted by Digital Cinema Media, the market leader in UK cinema advertising. Cinemagoers watch an average of 24 seconds out of a 30 seconds commercial, the study, a collaboration with Lumen Research, shows, proving that that cinema is the highest attention medium. By comparison, people view an average of 14 seconds of a TV ad, 4 seconds of a non-skippable YouTube ad and 2 seconds of an infeed Facebook ad.

“Top Gun: Maverick” boosts sales of Ray-Ban Aviators

The power of cinema: not only did it become the first movie in Tom Cruise's career that crossed the 1 billion dollars mark, but, just like the original 1986 movie, "Top Gun: Maverick" boosted the sales of the classic Ray-Ban Aviators the actor wears on-screen, Bloomberg reports.

Most anticipated upcoming premieres:

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