Advertising in cinema


In cinema

Cinema is a place where viewers experience many positive emotions.
We enrich this experience with an advertising message. We offer campaign implementation on screens and various forms of communication in the space of non-screen cinemas.
Using modern technologies and current trends, cinema creates perfect conditions for multi-channel communication and creating a message based on deeper experience.

How does it work?

Cinema is a place where the viewer looks at the cinema screen without scrolling the screen of mobile phone. Marketing communication in the cinema guarantees precise access to the desired recipient in the whole network of Cinema City cinemas, in selected locations or only in one specific multiplex. Spots can be played before all movies or before selected titles.
In New Age Media, we offer two options for the presence of an advertising block: a regular or special (displayed before trailers, straight before the movie). In addition to advertising on a big screen, the cinema also offers space in movie theaters, halls. In this category, called the "off-screen" advertising there are many possibilities.

Advertising in numbers

  • New Age Media offers campaigns in the largest network of multiplexes - in terms of the number of screens / screens
  • New Age Media offers the widest reach for advertising campaigns - nearly 75,000 seats in 378 cinema rooms
    75 000
  • New Age Media has the largest share in terms of the number of seats in multiplex networks in Poland
  • Most viewers of Cinema City cinemas are aged of 21-49. New Age Media campaigns reach effective shopping group

Case studies

Case studies

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