On-screen campaigns include:
- Spot in all Cinema City and IMAX cinemas before all or selected movies
- Spot in selected Cinema City and IMAX cinemas before all or selected movies
- Sponsorship boards
- Spots in 4DX format
- Two position in ad block (regular, special)


BNP Paribas IMAX

BNP Paribas IMAX

IMAX cinemas have the best in the world image presentation methods, thanks to IMAX, IMAX® 3D and IMAX DMR® technology. This pioneering technology is characterized by a crystal image with the highest resolution, a more pronounced contrast and a deeper color saturation.
The screen in the IMAX cinema is 18 meters high and 24 meters wide. Its height can be compared to 7 elephants standing one or each other. It is flat, but has a slight curvature going beyond the peripheral view.
In IMAX theaters there is the possibility of broadcasting 2D and 3D advertising spots.




4DX ™ is a revolutionary cinema technology that affects each of our five senses and draws the viewer into the middle of a dizzying film action.
Thanks to the advanced 4D environmental effects, the SIZEER 4DX ™ rooms offer a unique, full-effect cinematic experience in which the viewer becomes part of the film and together with his characters experience sensations such as: wind, water, fog, lightning bolts, as well as various scents. Rooms are also equipped with technologically advanced movable seats that are perfectly synchronized with the on-screen action and can imitate, for example, a roller-coaster ride, the launch of a space shuttle or an earthquake.
All these emotions can also be shown in the 4D advertising spot. Each time, the 4D effects are selected to reflect the character of the brand's communication.





The new technology of projection of films and commercials. ScreenX is a 270-degree projection format. Video materials are displayed on three walls at the same time.
The technology is used in the projection of films as well as advertising formats. ScreenX can be seen in one of the halls in Cinema City in Galeria Mokotów.


VIP rooms


Intimate VIP rooms in Cinema City cinemas are a new quality in experiencing the magic of the cinema. Exclusive leather armchairs, unlimited cinema snacks and drinks, unique atmosphere... See for yourself! 😊 
VIP rooms available at Cinema City Wroclavia and Bonarka in Cracow.




Space in Cinema City cinemas offers a wide range of possibilities to reach the viewer not only on screen. This form of promotion can not only engage him and provide sensory experiences, but also allows him to interact with the brand for a longer time.
Examples of off-screen activities include:
- Leaflets, sampling, stands, stickers
 - Campaign on digital poster boxes (digital screens in movie halls)
- Interactive activities using mobile marketing devices (wi-fi, special mobile applications)
- Other interactive activities, e.g. floors / interactive tables
- Aromamarketing
- Videomapping
- Events


Ladies Night


Ladies Night is one of Cinema City's consumer projects. These are inspirational cinema evenings only for women.
Events are organized periodically, once a month - from January to June and from September to November (9 times per year).
Each of the participating ladies receives a welcome gift. During the meeting there are interesting competitions with attractive prizes, as well as a lot of additional activities, such as: fashion shows, hairstyles, make-up, dance lessons or consultations with specialists in various fields (eg dietetics, cosmetology, psychology).
The meeting is always graced by the pre-release screening of the female film.
The Ladies Night project is being implemented in 19 selected Cinema City cinemas.


Summer Promo


During the summer, every ticket to Cinema City wins! Summer Promo is a cyclical, summer project lasting during the holidays (July-August). Strong promotional support ensures that it reaches millions of active people. The prize pool includes: tours, fuel vouchers, bikes, unlimited cards, movie tickets, popcorn, cinema snacks and even a car!




Cinema City Unlimited is the first loyalty program in Poland offering the possibility of watching unlimited movies on a big screen in Cinema City cinemas. The program's users have access to: over 200 premieres each year, 10% discount in bars and Cinema City cafes, pre-release shows only for members and free online ticket purchase option.
 We encourage to be a UNLIMITED card partner and sponsorship of prizes and communication to the participants of this program.


Room sponsorship


One of the possibilities of long-term presence is the sponsorship of cinema rooms. The room and the entrance are is branded. Sponsor's name is printed on tickets.


Digital Poster Box


We also offer our clients digital media located in the cinema halls - Digital Poster Boxes, which enable to achieve interesting visual effects. In addition to broadcasting on all screens at the same time, it is possible to display advertisements in a synchronized way, sequentially on individual screens. Content can change at certain intervals.


Spot production


New Age Media offers the transfer of advertising materials from the TV format to the cinema advertisement format. The customer provides us with source files (image and sound) based on the technical specification provided after signing the order.

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