Obsessive is a brand of sensual lingerie designed for women.
The company launched its campaign on January 25, 2015, and the finale took place on Valentine's Day on February 14 during the screening of Gray's 50 Faces. The campaign ran on three levels: on the Internet, stationary
in shopping centers and cinemas of Cinema City Polska (on-screen and off-screen).
By entering the organizer's website, the participants could take part in a dedicated competition. The task of the candidates was to publish photographs showing their own concept of love. There were 25 double invitations/tickets to win for any movie in the Cinema City chain. In addition, in the shopping centers where the cinemas were located, Obsessive set up tables where viewers could express their feelings to the other half using markers. 1,600 confessions appeared on the boards. In addition, every person who went to the cinema bathroom in one of the 33 CC branches could find colorful stickers with romantic slogans on the mirrors. In the action's finale, the brand decided to hide 318 surprise gifts under spectators' seats. In addition, an advertising spot was displayed on the screens, which during the whole campaign was watched by as many as 864,868 people. The campaign met with extremely positive reception. As a result, the popularity of the brand on Instagram increased - in 4 weeks there were as many as 7,600 new likes and 1120 comments.