Asterix & Obelix: The Middle Kingdom

Asterix & Obelix: The Middle Kingdom
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Asterix and Obelix have already fought Julius Caesar, visited Cleopatra, took part in the Olympic Games and even drank tea at Her Majesty's side. Now, in the fifth live action film in the series, the fearless heroes will travel to the Far East to save the Chinese Empress with the help of their magical potion. The main roles in the story will be played by Guillaume Canet and Gilles Lellouche, and they will again stand in their way: the ruler of Rome and the queen of Egypt, played respectively by Vincent Cassel and Marion Cotillard. The film will also feature the sports spirit straight from the Olympics, which will be ensured by the guest appearance of the football legend - Zlatan Ibrahimovic. The year is 50 BC. The empress of China is imprisoned in a coup by a treacherous prince. The daughter of the kidnapped ruler - Princess Sass-Yi, together with her faithful bodyguard and a Phoenician merchant, sets off to distant Gaul to seek help for her country. This is how he meets Asterix and Obelix - two brave heroes who will stop at nothing to bring law and order wherever there is chaos and lawlessness... And wherever you can eat something tasty. The Gauls willingly agree to the princess's request and, together with her friends and a sufficient supply of a magical potion, they embark on a long and adventurous journey to the Far East. However, the famous enemy of Asterix and Obelix - Julius Caesar, who is hungry for new conquests and gathers a powerful army to conquer the oriental land on the other side of the globe, also has an eye on all this.