Kicia Kocia W Przedszkolu

Kicia Kocia W Przedszkolu
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Kitty Cat is back! The beloved cat and her friends - Pack, Adela and Julian - face new adventures. This time we will spend a day with them at kindergarten, see how they meet new friends on the playground and how they run away from a sudden rain. Kicia Kocia will also show us how she learns to ride a bike and how she helps her grandfather build a cabinet for her grandmother. You can always count on Kitty Kocia! Episodes of the series that we will see during the screenings: Kicia Kocia on the playground, Kicia Kocia says: no, Kicia Kocia and the terrible storm, Kicia Kocia tinkers, Kicia Kocia on a bike, Kicia Kocia in kindergarten and Interactive add-on - Kicia Kocia says: "Bye , bye!”