Pets United

Pets United
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An adventurous animated comedy about a pack of quadrupeds that must save their city with their joint efforts. In the world of the future, when people lose the competition with robots, all hope in pets. Time to break the leash! When in Robopolis the city of the future power is taken over by rebellious robots, people must immediately leave the city. A group of spoiled, accustomed to the luxury of pets with an elegant cat Bella, is not able to do without their guardians. Another thing is the stray Roger dog. He is in the seventh heaven. He knows the streets like a pocket and without people's supervision he can easily get tasty morsels and lead to the field of mechanical law enforcement officers. Soon, however, even he begins to miss people, because the robots are beginning to prevail and plan to destroy the entire city. Roger, his friend Bob or a pigeon-hearted robot, and Bella and her cocking nose companion, must join forces in the fight for their homes, city, maybe even the whole world, and by the way for their beloved guardians.


Tłumaczenia spoiled



wrong, cranky, corrupt, rotten, bad, dead

spoiled – synonimy



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