28 million viewers in 2021!

Last year showed that, despite the limitations in the number of available seats in screening rooms, Poles were eager to go to the cinema.

We have been living for almost two years in pandemic times, but cinema is perceived as a safe and attractive form of entertainment. The last months of 2021 have shown that despite the prevailing restrictions, the cinemas are not empty at all. The film, which premiered in mid-December 2021, i.e. during the extended restrictions, recorded the best opening of the previous year. Of course, this is about 450,000 tickets sold for "Spider Man. No way home. " In recent days, the distributor also announced a sensational 1 million turnout result. This is a very good result, comparable to the best films from before the "pandemic" times.

Practically from September, we were able to observe again where and what films are chosen by Polish viewers. "Psi Patrol: The Movie", "Nie czas Diecie", "Dune", or the most popular Polish production of 2021, "Girls from Dubai" are films with over 1 million tickets sold. High attendance shows that going to the cinema is still a welcome pastime. The latest movie about the adventures of Spider-Man has achieved very good results practically all over the world. During the first days of the screening, viewers reserved seats in the front row to watch the film, which does not happen too often in the cinema.

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TOP 10 - 2021 “James Bond

It's not time to die ”- the blockbuster, which was originally supposed to debut in April 2020 and was postponed three times, finally gathered 1.6 million people in front of cinema screens in Poland.
The mention abow hit of United International Pictures - UIP - "SpiderMan." No way home. " According to our estimates, this film was watched by approximately 1.2 million viewers in Polish cinemas in just 3 weeks.

The third place was taken by the animation "Paw Patrol. Movie". It was the first family movie in 2021 to gather such a large audience. Sales results show that parents and the youngest viewers feel safe in the cinema and often choose to go to the cinema as a form of spending their free time.

High-budget productions, continuations of hits, or new and at the same time awaited animations for the youngest have returned to the big screen. Further places in the TOP 10 list show that last year, films for a very diverse audience dominated the screens of cinemas last year. Details are provided below.

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