CINEMA News #10/2022


In October, Cinema celebrated!

After a good third quarter, Polish cinemas are not slowing down. In October, ticket sales reached 3.5 million. This is a great merit of the Festival of Cinema, which turned out to be a great attendance success. Polish viewers flocked to the cinemas that day, buying nearly half a million tickets. The result for the entire last weekend of October, when the Cinema Festival lasted, is almost 800,000 tickets sold. This is the best weekend in cinemas since Valentine's Day in 2020 and a very good sign for the last quarter!

Already in September, it turned out that autumn belongs to Polish cinema. In October, domestic productions were again on the podium. The extraordinary documentary "Ania" is number 1 on the list of the most watched films. Biographical films are not always so popular, although it is worth emphasizing that this time it is a unique type of biography – very personal and touching. This is what viewers seem to appreciate. In second place was the September festival hit entitled "Johnny". It's a number 1 among Polish films this year. The latest data show that the story of Father Kaczkowski has already been seen on the big screen by nearly 850,000 viewers. This does not surprise us, because both the photos and the music are created to watch the story of a charismatic priest in the cinema hall.

The podium closes with a high-budget production about a superhero from the world of DC comics, i.e. "Black Adam". The long-awaited by fans picture was received with great enthusiasm around the world. October is also the time of premieres of horror and horror films. The TOP 10 films of the month include three productions in this genre. A big surprise for viewers who like the thrill turned out to be the film "Smile", presenting an intricate story in which smiling people can really scare you.

October in cinemas ended with a bang! On the last Sunday of the past month, the Cinema Festival took place. On this one day of the year, the price of each ticket is PLN 10. Poles willingly took advantage of from promotion and crowded visits to cinemas, despite the long weekend. For cinemas, it was the best weekend since Valentine's Day weekend in 2020.


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