Cinema News #10/2023


Over 32 million viewers in Polish cinemas in eight months of 2023. The whole of August was pink!

Polish cinemas were visited by more than 32 million viewers in the first eight months of this year. This is a 25% better result compared to the same period in 2022. As many as 207 films premiered on the big screen during this period. For most of the year, the top of the podium was occupied by 'Puss in Boots: The Last Wish'. Everything changed

on 21 July, when 'Barbie' premiered, which jumped spectacularly into the place of the furry hog.

It was July that was the month of big cinema premieres, led by 'Barbie' and 'Oppenheimer'. Attendance during this period was the highest in all of 2023 with 5.9 million viewers. But August proved equally fruitful with 4.5 million tickets sold. This is more than 75% more than in August last year!

"Barbie" has become an attendance and box office hit not only in Poland, but also worldwide. In our country, it has so far reached 2.7 million tickets sold and has recorded a great opening result of nearly half a million viewers. The film, however, has done much more than score well. Until now, Barbie was 'only' a well-known and much-loved toy for children, having been in consumers' homes since 1959. After a screening in the cinema, we see in her no longer just a doll, but a real character with whom we can identify - a non-ideal character, experiencing an existential crisis in matriarchal Barbieland, who rediscovers herself together with her faithful companion, Ken.

On the TOP 10 list of films of the last eight months, 'Oppenheimer' also deserves a mention. The July premiere, which took place on the same day as 'Barbie', was also a considerable success. The result of 1.7 million viewers ranks Christopher Nolan's film as the 3rd most watched film in Poland so far in 2023.

In summary, the list of the best films of the eight months of this year is a mix of high-budget productions for viewers with different tastes and ages. It is also worth noting that as many as half of them can boast an attendance of more than one million tickets sold!

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