Cinema News #11/2023


More than 40 million viewers by the end of October. #1 still pink­čśŐ

From January to October, attendance in Polish cinemas totaled more than 40 million tickets sold. This is an improvement of more than 22% compared to the same period in 2022.

After 10 months, number 1 still remains "Barbie," the attendance hit of July. Number 2 is "Puss in Boots The Last Wish," and "Oppenheimer" was third on the podium.

Two local productions stirred strongly in September and October. "Peasants," premiering in October, already has over 1 million viewers. This is the best Polish film of the year so far. The second item is "Green Border" - the film with its promotion and at the same time anti-promotion has reached a score of almost 750 thousand tickets sold. The film also recorded the result of the best local opening.

Also noteworthy is the attendance hit for the youngest. "Psi Patrol" has already been seen by more than 1 million viewers since its premiere in mid-October.

TOP 10 10M2023

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Cinema City cinema tickets for PLN 10, only on Magenta Thursdays with the My T-Mobile app! Network operator T-Mobile has just launched its Magenta Moments loyalty program -┬áthe first of its kind among Polish telecoms. Every Thursday, the ticket gates at Cinema City cinemas turn magenta­čśŐ.