CINEMA News #2/2023


Znakomity początek nowego roku w kinach!

W styczniu polskie kina sprzedały 4,4 mln biletów (o 1,3 mln więcej niż w analogicznym okresie ubiegłego roku). To rewelacyjny wynik i dobry prognostyk na kolejne miesiące! Zobaczyliśmy premierowo 24 filmy, z czego aż dwie produkcje przyciągnęły ponad milion widzów.

The first is Puss in Boots: The Last Wish, with 1.4 million viewers, which was the most-watched film in January. In second place was "Avatar. The way of water" with 1.2 million viewers on his account. This superproduction had its debut on the big screen in mid-December, but in January we watched it equally willingly. We know from some sources that this film was also very popular in BNP Paribas IMAX® cinemas. We saw the adventures of the Na'vi family not only in 2D, but also in 3D, IMAX, ScreenX and 4DX. Number three in the list of the most watched films was the animation from Warner Bros studio – "Mummies". This is a great comedy for the youngest viewers inspired by the culture and history of ancient Egypt. The TOP 10 includes three Polish productions. It seems that January is the time when we are looking for cheerful entertainment - all of them are characterized by a solid dose of good humor.

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