Cinema News #5/2023


After four months of this year, Polish cinemas recorded a result of 15 million tickets sold.

This is 30% more than in the same period of 2022. During this time, we saw 109 premieres on the big screen.

In April, the most watched movie was the fantasy comedy based on the cult role-playing game "Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves", which follows a charming thief and a group of adventurers. It's a production of the kind that you can't have a bad time with, and it's no wonder that it also reigns in the global box office charts. In second place was the picture entitled "The Pope's Exorcist" starring Russell Crowe, telling the story of the legendary Italian priest Gabriel Amorth, who performed exorcisms for the Vatican. The list of the top three is closed by the global hit, the fourth part of the neo-noir saga with Keanu Reevs, who brilliantly plays the title killer. "John Wick 4" is an action cinema show on a new, unprecedented level. It is also worth mentioning the biggest April surprise so far, i.e. the Polish animation "Kicia Kocia Says: Good Morning", which was a hit in cinemas and already had over 100,000 viewers in its first week.

At the end of April, Las Vegas hosted one of the most important events for the cinema industry, i.e. Cinemacon 2023. New trailers and fresh information about upcoming blockbusters dominated the conference as always, but this year Warner Bros.'s strategic plans also aroused considerable interest. discovery. Its new CEO, David Zaslav, announced that the cinema industry is still the future and his concern will no longer show new films in parallel in streaming and in cinemas. Theatrical distribution will be a priority. He emphasized that the big screen is the right place for big blockbusters. He also declared that Warner intends to produce up to 20 theatrical films a year!

"We don't believe in streaming movies. Theatrical movies introduced to HBO MAX perform much better than those produced for streaming. We have never felt more confident in this matter. There is no better form of storytelling than cinema" - said Zaslav.

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