Cinema News #7/2022


July smashes the Polish Box Office!

July was by far the best month for cinemas, not just this year, but from reopening them after the pandemic. In July, Polish cinemas were visited by 4,700,000 viewers! This is largely due to the Minions, which ruled the big screen in the first month of summer holidays.

The animation "Minions: Enter Dec" premiered on July 1 and since then there has been a real Minioncomania in cinemas! The film recorded the best opening of all minion films and the best opening since 2019, drawing over 500,000 viewers to theaters during its first weekend. But this is not the end of successes! In just three weeks from the premiere, it achieved an attendance score of over 2 MILLION TICKETS SOLD! Such results did not happen too often, even in the times before 2020, when records in the number of viewers were broken every now and then in the cinema. In summary, the fifth part of the adventures of these funny yellow creatures has been the most watched of all so far. It even surpassed the sensational results of both the fourth (1.9 million viewers) and the third (1.6 million viewers). Chapeau bas!

Zrzut ekranu 2022-08-16 o 11.50.34.png

What else did we like to watch in July? Thor: Love and Thunder is number two on the podium. It was there thanks to the result of 700,000 viewers. The third place is a huge hit, but it may be a bit of a surprise, because "Top Gun: Maverick" has been flying on the big screen for two months, but it is still filling cinema halls. According to our estimates, this production has nearly 1.5 million tickets sold. And if someone has not seen her in the cinema yet, we highly recommend it! :) Scenes of maneuvers and air fights with the daring Tom Cruise crush you into the armchair.


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