Cinema News #9/2022


Good September and the best quarter so far.

The third quarter of this year turned out to be the best period for cinema so far in 2022. According to our estimates, Polish cinemas last month sold nearly 3 million tickets, and in the entire third quarter they gathered a total of over 10 million viewers (!).

In September we watched Polish films. And not only during the screenings at the 47th Polish Film Festival in Gdynia, but also on cinema screens throughout Poland. Because half of the hits in the TOP 10 list of films of the month are domestic productions.

At the top of the podium was "Johnny," a touching film about a charismatic clergyman and his friend with a difficult past, based on true events. We see the story of Jan Kaczkowski (played by Dawid Ogrodnik) through the eyes of Patryk Galewski. He was played by Piotr Trojan, and for this performance he received the award for best actor at this year's festival in Gdynia.

In second place was the Polish historical film "Orlęta. Grodno '39" - is a dramatic picture of the war against the Soviets, shown from the perspective of the experiences of a 12-year-old boy from a Jewish family in the eastern borderlands. The podium closes with a family film full of warmth, wisdom and adventure starring a lion 😊. "King: My Friend the Lion" is the story of the feisty siblings who took in a baby lioness, and then helped him at all costs to return to his true home - Africa.

Also noteworthy is a film that premiered in 2009 and became the highest-grossing film of all time (!), and from September 23 we can see it again on the big screen. We are, of course, talking about James Cameron's masterpiece "Avatar". It is worth remembering the fate of the heroes of the planet Pandora, because in December the director will present their second part entitled "Avatar: The Being of Water".

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In the coming weeks we will see a mix of the best in cinema on the big screen. There will be Polish comedies, including the hit romantic series "Letters to M." and its already 5th part, which will put us in a magical Christmas mood. All previous "eMs" shown at the cinema have always broken the bank and enjoyed the highest attendance. Probably it will be no different this time as well. But there will also be "competition" in the form of new stories and continuations of superhero adventures from the DC world - "Black Adam" and from Marvel - "Black Panther: Wakanda in My Heart". At the end of November we will also see a brand new animation from Disney - "Strange World" from the creators of such hits as "Iceberg Land" and "Our Magical Encanto." We invite you to the cinemas!

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