KINO News #2/2022



The beginning of 2022 in Polish cinemas was very good! 47 films had their premieres and the first attendance records were set. We were also eager to watch titles from the end of 2021, including last year's number 1, or "Spider-Man: No Way Home".

Polish viewers do not cease to surprise! They have already set the first attendance records this year. Animation from UIP – "Sing 2" can boast the best opening since the beginning of the pandemic, i.e. from March 2020. It reached 480,000 viewers during the first days of its premiere. Currently, it is the best film of the year with over 1,200,000 tickets sold. In second place was the fourth part of the cult comedy "The End of the World, or Kogel Mogel 4". The film also recorded a very good opening result, gathering over 290,000 viewers in front of the cinema screens. Right behind him was "Spider Man: No Way Home" – according to the data of the UIP distributor, since its premiere on December 17, 2021, this film has gathered over 1,750,000 viewers in front of the big screen, and in January and February 2022 alone it recorded a result of 560,000 viewers.

The TOP 10 movies of the first two months of this year were influenced by the holiday season. Apart from the animation "Sing 2" there were two more titles addressed to younger viewers: "Our Magical Encanto" and "Nikolai's Treasure".

It is also worth mentioning that more than a half of the titles in this list are Polish productions! In addition to the aforementioned hit "Koniec Świata, czyli Kogel Mogel 4", the TOP 10 also includes: the continuation of the hit from 2016 - "8 Things You Don't Know About Guys"; Patryk Vega's latest film - "Miłość, seks & pandemia"; a biographical film about the life of the First Secretary of the Communist Party of Poland, Edward Gierek, with a daring role of Michał Koterski, titled "Gierek"; and a comedy about the life of the First Secretary of the Communist Party of Poland, Edward Gierek. "Gierek" and a gangster comedy by the creators of "The Procedure" - "Krime Story. Love Story".

A very good opening result was also noted for "Uncharted". - The film adaptation of the video game, in which viewers follow the fate of treasure hunter Nathan Drake. It debuted on February 18 and gathered over 360,000 viewers in two weeks.

TOP 10 2022


In March, as many as 30 productions will premiere in cinemas, including the biggest Hollywood hits such as: "Batman" and "Ambulance". The repertoire will also include many local films, e.g. the first Polish production of Warner Bros. Other People", a family comedy about facing difficult issues - "Too Big for Fairy Tales", a comedy about the absurdities of everyday life - "Somehow It Will Be", and a comedy about the problems of the world. "Songs About Love", a comedy about the absurdities of everyday life, and for the dessert - delightful and also appreciated at last year's festival in Gdynia. It is a story about what happens when love meets calculation and passion meets career, and about a woman's struggle for independence. The leading roles are played by the intriguing Tomasz Włosok and Justyna Święs, a singer of "The Dumplings", making her debut on the big screen.