Nam News #1/2024


The year 2023 is a time of regeneration and surprising successes in cinema!

The past year ended with very good results in the cinema industry, both in Poland and internationally. Polish cinemas recorded 50 million tickets sold. Attendance and box office results show a clear upward trend compared to the previous 3 years, and show an increasingly smaller gap with 2019. The end of 2023 also brought good news from Los Angeles, as after a period of turmoil among filmmakers in Hollywood, an agreement was reached that ended a nearly 4-month strike.

Two films definitely stood out in 2023. These are a comedy from Warner Bros studio - "Barbie" and a historical film with elements of biography, titled "The Barbie. "Oppenheimer" from Universal studio. Both turned out to be giant hits that dominated box office results around the world and, thanks to their common release date, became the biggest film event of the year, referred to as "Barbieheimer." We had a huge, largely grassroots promotional campaign here, by the way. In the end, it was "Barbie" that became the highest-grossing film of 2023, but the story of the father of the atomic bomb ranked just behind the pink blockbuster. It was thanks to these titles, among others, that last July beat the result achieved in the record-breaking July 2019 to this point. This shows that an interesting, ambitious and varied premiere calendar fills cinema halls almost completely.

The other most watched films of 2023 are stories based on previously created characters from the world of toys and video games. Noteworthy is the presentation of well-known stories in new arrangements and ways of interpretation. We all know the Mario game and enjoyed playing it, and we were equally eager to watch the adventures of its main character - the mustachioed plumber - on the big screen. Much has already been said about the No. 1 film, "Barbie," but it was Greta Gerwig's satirical depiction of the doll last year that most captivated audiences around the world.

We are particularly pleased by the success of the Polish film "Peasants." The production, which has won numerous awards at festivals, is number 4 on the list of the most watched films in Poland. It had its premiere in October, but we can still see it on the big screen in Cinema City cinemas - which we strongly encourage you to do. This picture is definitely a must see and hear in the cinema!

TOP 10 2023

1Q 2024

Cinema this year is not slowing down. In the first quarter we will see extremely interesting offers of local cinema - at the very beginning of the year there will be an official premiere of the new "Akademia Pana Kleksa", which is already breaking popularity records. After all, the pre-premiere of the film was seen by nearly 438,000 viewers, and this is just the beginning! And at the end of January we will see a sensational production directed by Pawel Maślona entitled "Kos", whose theme is the Kościuszko Uprising. It's been a long time since Polish cinema has seen such a mix of satire, humor, good dialogue, scenery and costumes and, of course, the creations of great actors. The role of Tadeusz Kosciuszko is played by Jacek Braciak, and his opponent - the merciless Russian rotmistrz is played by Robert Więckiewicz. We also have good "franchises" in Poland, and later in January we will see a sequel to "Kogel Mogel" and a prequel to "Sami Swoi."

See you at cinema!