Nam News #2/2024


First quarter heavily spiced with fantasy

It has been a¬†very strong quarter. Since the first Friday of this year, the cinema streak has continued. From January to March, Polish cinemas were visited by 15 million viewers! March was the best month of the first quarter, thanks to some unusual, magical spiceūüėä The 11% increase over last year is mainly due to strong titles in the first quarter repertoire.

Mr Kleks' Academy, the Polish super-production has caused quite a stir since its first days. Nearly 3 million viewers - these are the latest statistics. This is a huge success for Polish cinema. And in less than a year, the next cinema part of Ada Niezgódka's adventures.
The second part of DIUNY, in Polish cinemas from 29 February, surpassed the attendance results of the first part from 2021 by nearly 500,000 tickets sold. This shows that the story has gained more fans. The star-studded cast, special effects and Hans Zimmer's music catered to the tastes of both loyal fans of Frank Herbert's novel and young audiences who know the lead actors, Zendaya and Timothée Chalamet, from other productions.
The podium is rounded off by the animation, The Departed, which took Polish cinemas by storm, gaining an attendance score of over 1 million viewers. The film has been available on the big screen since January, but is still popular with Cinema City audiences.
High ticket sales were recorded by another local production - Sami Swoi. The Beginning. The beginning of the dispute between Pawlak and Kargul was seen by nearly 800,000 viewers. The next part of the adventures of the friendly warrior from the Far East, Kung Fu Panda 4, attracted large audiences in front of large screens. This well-known animation sold over 700,000 tickets in one month.
A pleasant surprise was the premiere of the Polish documentary Budda. Dzieciak '98. It is a documentary showing the life of one of the most popular Polish influencers: Kamil Labudda known on the Internet as "BUDDA".

Only in cinemas in April

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