NAM News #3/2023


The cinema boom continues! February as good as January

Very good attendance results in January raised the bar high, but February did not lag behind with well over 4 million tickets sold! As a result, the first two months of this year came closer to the entire first quarter of last year.

The French family film "Asterix and Obelix: Empire of the Dragon" took first place in February. This is the fifth live-action production about the adventures of the brave and beloved by the viewers Gauls.
In January, "Puss in Boots: The Last Wish" ruled the podium. The film also did well in February and took second place in the TOP 10 most watched productions. Since its premiere in early January, the film has already been watched by over 2 million viewers.
The third place belongs to the Polish romance "Heaven in Hell" with Magdalena Boczarska in the lead role. This position broke popularity records over the Valentine's weekend.
Just behind the podium was the December premiere of "Avatar: The Essence of Water". James Cameron can be proud of a really great success - the film is willingly watched even two months after its premiere.
In the month of lovers, we also watched the cult love story, which returned to the big screen a quarter of a century after its premiere - "Titanic: 25th Anniversary" and the continuation of the comedy series "Magic Mike: The Last Dance".
Also noteworthy is the attendance result of the tenth-place film entitled "Whale". This is an image describing the bond between a daughter and a father who suffers from extreme obesity. The production is characterized by ascetic simplicity and modest means of expression, but despite its low budget, it achieved high ticket sales.

TOP 10 February

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