Nam News #6/2023


May's cinema podium belongs to superheroes!

During the five months of this year, Polish cinemas were visited by more than 18 million viewers.

In May, 23 productions debuted on the big screen, and long-awaited and high-budget films ruled the roost unquestionably.

3 million - that's exactly how many tickets were sold in Polish cinemas in May. This is a better result than in the same period last year and close to that of 2019. The list of the best films of the month shows that cinemas at that time were mainly visited by fans of superheroes.

The third and final part of the adventures of the most famous guardians in the galaxy came in first place. The film Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 3, with, as always in this series, an interesting soundtrack, recorded the highest attendance score of the entire trilogy in Poland.

Second place belongs to an animated production based on a series of cult computer games in the 1980s and 1990s, titled Super Mario Bros. The Movie. Both older and young fans of the games showed up in crowds at theaters to watch the adventures of the brave plumber on the big screen.

The podium is closed by the tenth installment of one of the world's most popular series, The Fast and the Furious. It debuted on the big screen more than 20 years ago and has not lost its popularity since. The 10th installment of the series about illegal car racing filled to the brim with stars and frantic chases recorded excellent results from the very opening weekend

- for in the premiere weekend it attracted more than 270,000 viewers to theaters!

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