New partner of 4DX halls


PKN ORLEN's long-term project at the Cinema City ORLEN cinemas is a new partner of 4DX technology in Poland
PKN ORLEN became a sponsor of all Cinema City screens for screening films in 4DX format in Poland. The 4DX rooms have been named since the beginning of the year - VERVA 4DX.

There is also a special campaign promoting VERVA premium fuels available at ORLEN stations.

CC Manufaktura - Verva 4DX

The partnership within the 4DX format is an extension of the existing cooperation between PKN ORLEN and Cinema City. From September 2018, 8 selected cinema halls operate under the VITAY brand - thus promoting the loyalty program of PKN ORLEN.
Cooperation with 4DX technology assumes permanent cinema branding and advertising activities. The first campaign implemented under this partnership project includes the broadcast of a 60-second spot in 4DX format with the Polish rally driver, ORLEN Team player - Kuba Przygoński in the lead role. 4DX technology ensures that viewers experience movies with all their senses. The VERVY commercial used special effects such as: air under pressure imitating wind gusts and moving seats. The 4DX effects intensify the impression of participation in the action, which reflects the dynamics of sport. The spots are broadcast in the special part of the advertising block.
There are currently 6 4DX rooms in Poland. They are located in cinemas: CC Arkadia (Warsaw), CC Bonarka (Kraków), CC Bydgoszcz, CC Manufaktura (Łódź), CC Felicity (Lublin), CC Wroclavia (Wrocław).