News #12/2021


The cinema attendance in June has exceeded all expectations! According to our estimates, Polish cinemas were visited by more than 2 million people last month. This represents about 87% of the number of viewers from June 2019, which was very successful for cinema.

The weekend with very good results was June 11-13. All thanks to such productions as: "On the Raus", "Tom & Jerry" and the horror series "Presence", which ranked first in the list of TOP 10 films in June. Just behind it on the podium were: "Cruella" and "Tom & Jerry".

Thinking about this year's holiday season, we are optimistic. A really rich and promising repertoire with long-awaited premieres is ahead of us.

July and August are the time when we have more rest and cinema is one of the favorite entertainment outside the house. This is reflected in the attendance results, where these two holiday months rank as high as the autumn and winter months.

Projections for cinema advertising are also positive. WARC revises upward global ad spending growth from 6.7% to 12.6% in 2021. Cinema is projected to be the fastest growing medium in both 2021 (149.9%) and 2022 (26.9%), raising total investment to $3.4 billion next year.