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SEPTEMBER IN THE CINEMA - summary of the month

Nearly 3.4 million viewers saw movies on the big screen in September. This is about 800,000 more viewers than in August this year and almost 75% of the September 2019 result.

Last month, 24 productions entered the cinemas, including 5 Polish ones. Among the latter, there were long-awaited pictures such as "Small World" by Patryk Vega, or the Polish Oscar candidate "Żeby nie było śladów".

In terms of attendance, the best weekend of the month was September 17-19, thanks to the premieres of such films as "Najmro. He Loves, Steals, Respects", "Little Bigfoot 2: Strength in the Family" and "Wyszynski - Vengeance or Forgiveness". On the other hand, the best opening of the month was the third part of the "After" series, titled "After. Save me".

In the TOP 3 list of September were, in turn:

Animation distributor UIP, which despite not reporting full figures to Box Office, shared the great attendance results of the title for the youngest "Psi Patrol Film". In 4 weeks since its premiere it has been seen by over 820 000 viewers!

The latest film by Patryk Vega, "Small World", which deals with the problem of children's rights in the world, has been released. "Small World", touching upon the problem of child trafficking

"Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings" from Disney. This action movie based on a comic book series about a super hero from the Marvel universe.

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