News #2


Poland: the latest film by Małgorzata Szumowska and Michał Englert, who is the Polish representative in the Oscar race for the best international feature film, will go to American cinemas!

The Lorber cinema, which specialises in the distribution of arthouse and foreign films, has bought the picture rights. According to Variety magazine, the production will be released in the USA next spring, just before the American Film Academy awards. The picture has already received positive reviews in top Hollywood industry media.

The good news came from Asia: "Demon Slayer", with its $265 million ticket sales, has just become the second most profitable film of all time in Japan.

The filming of manga has even surpassed the Titanic! In China and the USA the number one film is "Krudas 2". The animation there earned over 19 million dollars (China) and almost 10 million (USA) during the opening weekend. In total, it reached 35 million dollars worldwide.

Tenet has already crossed the border of 300 million dollars outside America and already has 358 million dollars in its global account, but this is not the final result. The film is still waiting for its premiere in several countries.

The Pink Panther" is back! MGM studio together with director Jeff Fowler (among others "Sonic. Fast as Lightning") are preparing a new feature project, a reebot of "The Pink Panther".

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the film is supposed to stick to the style of Sonic, and thus combine animation with live-action elements. The character of the Pink Panther himself will of course be previewed, but what's interesting is that he will probably be in three dimensions, rather than classic two. The 3D drawing technology will allow for a more precise fine-tuning of the whole and a better interaction with the actors and set design.


Kantar: advertising in cinemas with the highest equity brand.

According to the Media Reactions* report, consumers are positively inclined towards big screen advertisements and highly evaluate them as "more fun" and "better quality". From the viewpoint of the recipient, offline advertising fits more into the environment and is not too "disturbing".

*Source: Kantar - "Media Reactions 2020", research on positive and negative aspects of advertising, data from 7 countries.

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