News #4/2021


Our taste, preferences, and expectations were examined by a team of scientists from the SWPS University in cooperation with the National Film Archive - Audiovisual Institute. The results of this research are presented in the report "Poles about Polish films - Poles' opinions about Polish cinema and their attitudes towards Polish film production".

It shows, among other things, that we like watching Polish comedies the most. As many as 76 percent of respondents indicated this type of cinema. Just after comedies are thrillers and crime films - indicated as many as 69 percent of respondents. Polish films of all time according to the respondents are: "Groundhog Day", "Cold War", "Bogowie", "Sekmisja", "Chłopaki nie płaczą" and "Sami swoi".

Why do we like going to the cinema? According to the report, the biggest advantages of going to the cinema are the opportunity to see new movies (28.6%) and better picture and sound quality (23.6%) in comparison with movies watched at home. However, symbolic elements are also important - escape from everyday life (23.4%), the charm of the cinema hall (10.9%) - and social elements - watching a film in the company of friends (8.3%) and experiencing a film together with a large audience (5.3%), that famous cinema magic 😊.


Polish director's success: Agnieszka Holland and her "The Impostor" triumph in the Czech Republic!

On the first weekend of March the Czech Lions, the most important film and television awards in the country, were

and television awards in the country. The gala ended with a great victory of "The Impostor", which was recognized as the best film and Agnieszka Holland won the award for its direction.

The biographical "The Charlatan" tells the story of herbalist and healer Jan Mikolaszek, played by Ivan Trojan. The film is a Czech candidate for an Academy Award and one of 15 films on the Oscar shortlist - five of which will be selected for final competition in the best international film category.

In total, the Czech production received as many as five statuettes in the following categories: best film, best director, cinematography, sound and male lead.