News #7/2021


Bulgaria: Bulgarian cinemas reopened for viewers on April 12. And since then a local picture - "The Naked Truth about Zhiguli Band" directed by Viktor Bozhinov - has been breaking popularity records there.

The film tells the story of the revival of a rock band that was famous in the 1980s. The production even surpassed the biggest global hit since the beginning of the pandemic, the show "Godzilla vs. Kong". This is a positive sign for cinema in Bulgaria, especially when records are set with reduced auditorium fill rates of 30% to 50%. This situation and many similar ones from Russia or Japan, among others, show that the current time is a huge opportunity for local films.

UK: already in the middle of May cinemas open in the UK. On this occasion the MetrixLab agency, on the recommendation of the Film Distributors Association, surveyed the mood of the British people.

The survey confirmed that after many months of blockades and restrictions the overwhelming majority want to be able to go to the cinema as soon as possible and experience the magic of watching a film on the big screen. The survey also showed a high level of confidence in the security measures in cinemas, putting them at the top of the entertainment industry in this respect. All in all, the sentiment is very good and the survey results confirm that cinema is something we long for and that, despite appearances, cannot be replicated at home.

The full survey report is available here: