Over 2 million more tickets sold!


The summary of three quarters of 2019 in the cinema gives another good result for cinemas.

It is worth emphasizing that in the TOP 10 films as many as half are Polish productions. It included: "Miszmasz, or Kogel Mogel 3" (2.3 million viewers), "Politics" (1.85 million), which has so far defended the title of the best opening this year, "Singles' Planet 3" (1 , 4 million), "Mafia Women 2" (1.1 million) and "Underdog" (0.9 million). The excellent result of the third quarter is also due to the long-awaited remake of the famous Disney animation. "The Lion King" attracted over 2.5 million people to cinemas and is the leader of the TOP 10 films. The success also turned out to be the culmination of a series about a super group of superheroes - "Avengers: Game Over". Already the 22nd Marvel Cinematic Universe film recorded almost 1.9 million tickets sold in Poland. Two suggestions for younger viewers did well: "The Secret Life of Pets 2" (1.45 million) and "How to Train Your Dragon 3" (1.3 million).