Record year 2018


The year 2018 brought another record result for multiplexes! The boom in Polish cinema has been running continuously for 5 years.
Last year, nearly 60 million viewers visited Polish cinemas. The most popular films include many local productions, of course KLER, which the number of moviegoers was exceeded the hit Avatar from 2009. 59.7 million - this is a number of cinema goers visited cinemas last year.
384 productiona appeared on screens in 2018. It's about 29 movies more than the year before.
18.4 million - is the sum of tickets sold for films, which were in TOP 10 2018. The best months for the cinema were: October (result of 7.2 million), November (result of 7 million) and February (6.9 million).
At the end of September, Kler had its premiere, hailed as the cinematic record holder of the decade. In October, they reigned on the screens: "Hotel Transylvania", "7 feelings" and "Heart is not a servant". The high November attendance included the results of "Planets of singles 2", "Bohemian Rapsody" and "Fantastic animals: Galdelwald's crimes". It was a good year for native productions. The cinema attendance of Polish films accounts for about 33% (a year earlier, 23.4%).